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Royal Oak

I worked with the six classes in the grade one team during 4 one hour periods per class. The curricular focus for this project was the representation of the Royal Oak community and services in the area.

Students from the six classes worked on the development of fourteen canvas panels. Each panel represented a different aspect of the community.

During the first session, students used a variety of painting tools and acrylic paint to create foreground, middle ground and background on the panels.

During the next session, students used relevant photographs of the area to draw pencil images on paper. These drawings were transferred to the panels by a chalk transfer process.

During the third session, students filled in the images with acrylic paint.

During the fourth session, permanent markers were used to add details to the images. I sewed casings into the panels and I built a PVC pipe structure that I put into the casings to provide a rigid shape for display purposes.

Each time the students came into the room they were asked to work on a different panel than the time before. This meant a student would add details to another artist's painting, add colour to a different artist's drawing, and add a drawing on top of a different artist's background. While each student was able to speak to the components they worked on, the end result was truly a collaborative effort.

These fourteen panels were displayed at the local YMCA.

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