FORMAL EDUCATION_________________________________________________________


                        B.Ed./Early Childhood Education (with distinction)  University of Calgary     Calgary, AB., Canada  1998

                        B.F.A./ Visual Arts (with distinction)  University of Victoria     Victoria, BC., Canada   1983



PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE_______________________________________________________________________


                        2013-present   Artist in Residence

                                               Calgary Board of Education     Calgary, AB., Canada 

                                                 See Artist in Residence tab for specific schools


                        2015 - 2016         Canyon Meadows Community     Calgary, AB., Canada

                                                 Visioned, promoted, prepared materials, facilitated workshops and installed two public art projects                                                          in collaboration with Canyon Meadows Community Association and The City of Calgary


                        2011-2013       Classroom teacher/elementary generalist

                        1998-2007       Calgary Board of Education     Calgary, AB., Canada 

                                                  Educator in a variety of K-4 public school classrooms


                        2008-2011       Alberta Initiative for School Improvement Learning Leader/Lead teacher

                                               Calgary Board of Education     Calgary, AB., Canada

                                                  Worked with administrators, classroom teachers and K-9 students in nine Calgary Board of

                                                  Education schools to support improvements in student engagement and learning outcomes


                        1997-98           Art Center Instructor      

                                                City of Calgary, Recreation     Calgary, AB., Canada

                                                  Community based art instructor teaching a variety of art techniques and using a variety            

                                                   of materials with students preschool age with a caregiver- teenagers


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT________________________________________________________________


                        2018                City of Calgary     Utility Box Mentorship program

                                                  Artist participant in Painting the Borough project

                        2012-2016         City of Calgary     Public Art 101 sessions

                                                  Artists Working in Community workshops – completed spring 2014

                        2013-present    Fairview Pottery Studio     Studio member



SELECTED EXHIBITIONS_______________________________________________________________________



                        2017-2018       Open Source Soup - With artist Melisa Centofanti (as 2Peaz Collective)

                                                Collaborative mixed-media/social practice work held on 3 occasions in a Grocery Store,                                                   a Community Centre and an Artist Studio

                        2018                Collaborative painting on canvas installation (artist, facilitator and composer)

                                                Royal Oak School and Rocky Ridge YMCA – grade one students

                        2017                Collaborative mixed-media installations (artist, facilitator and composer)

                                                Scenic Acres and Acadia Schools – whole school projects

                        2016                Of This Place; The Parks and Pathways of Canyon Meadows

                                                 This is My Neighbourhood Project - City of Calgary

                        2015                On the Fence - A Community Art Project

                                                 Canyon Meadows Community  Calgary AB

                         2015                Art Amnesty exhibition participant

                                                 MOMA PS1     New York City

                         2014                Collaborative mixed-media installations (facilitator and composer)

                                                 Douglas Harkness School

                         2009               Public Art Collaboration work with grade 3 and 4 students

                                                 Coventry Hills School     Calgary AB



                        2018                 Utility Box paintings for The City of Calgary

                                                 Marlborough and Copperfield Neighbourhoods

                        2015               Bowls of Plenty – A Celebration of the Fall Harvest

                                                 Home studio     Calgary AB

                         2014               Site-specific Community Interactions – A Cast of Characters

                                                 Neighbourhood sidewalk  Calgary AB

                         2009              Food and the Art of Conversation

                                                 Home studio   Calgary AB

                         2008-2009     Site-specific Community Interactions – Layers of Growth and Encroachment

                                                 Neighbourhood sidewalk     Calgary AB

                         1997               Seasonal Harvest

                                                 Lazy Loaf Café     Calgary AB


PUBLISHED WORK____________________________________________________________________________




                        In Democratizing Educational Experience; Envisioning, Embodying, Enacting

                        Edited by Alexandra Fidyk, Jason Wallin and Kent den Heyer

                        Educator’s International Press, Inc. Troy, NY  2008     



                        Should I Use the Grape, Eggplant, or Iris Purple?    

                        In What Works: Innovative Strategies for Teaching Art    

                        Edited by Mary Blatherwick and Harold Pearse

                        Canadian Society for Education through Art




                        Work held in private collections in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada




                        2018 City of Calgary - artist on City of Calgary Public Art Roster

                        Member of Canadian Society for Education through Art

                        Valid First Aid Certification

                        Current Calgary Police Services Security Clearance (obtained 2018)

                        Personal Liability Insurance coverage

                        WCB coverage