Experience in Art Education


During my teaching career I have had the invaluable opportunity to develop my understanding of the role the arts can play in student progress.  I believe that everyone, children included, should see themselves as creators of culture, not just consumers or replicators of culture.  I also believe the arts develop a variety of literacies that help us see and understand the world in many ways.  I understand the role of the inquiry process, a generative curriculum, cross-curricular work and assessment in the student/teacher/artist/community relationship.

My extensive experience with children and the arts includes


  • Working with children pre-school age (with a caregiver) to early teens as an instructor at The City of Calgary Art Centers

  • Teaching at a CAPES school.  The Calgary Arts Partnership in Education Society funded artists from all disciplines to come into all classes and investigate the Alberta Program of Studies through the arts.  During each school year I planned, supported, extended and provided feedback to the many artists that worked with my students

  • Writing  Artsmarts, Calgary Foundation and AFA funding grants as the principle and/or supporting author

  • Leading the planning and scheduling of Artist in Residence programs in my schools

  • Working on projects that range in scope and scale, from individual and discrete to whole school and global

  • Facilitating and teaching visual art lessons in K-9 environments to support student understanding by providing opportunities for visual art to be used to represent and express information in my role as a Leading Leader

  • Working as an Artist in Residence in classrooms alongside teachers to help students explore topics using the visual arts.  Included in this work was a year-long generative project working with two grade 3 and 4 classes to develop the question “How does culture influence art and architecture?” as well as a year-long, school wide visual exploration connected to the question "Who Are We as a Community?"

  • Moving with students outside the classroom and into the community

  • Providing profession development to teachers in arts integration, visual art technique, and exploration of art materials.

  • Pursuing my own professional development involving art education, including membership in the Reggio network, The Alberta Teachers’ Fine Arts Council and The Canadian Society for Education Through Art and reading articles and attending workshops provided by these organizations

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