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Material Use

Over time I have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of materials. Sometimes the choice of particular materials comes from my own interest in exploring a medium and sometimes it comes from the situation at hand or the ideas from others involved in the work.  As I play with materials and tools I develop more of an understanding of the potential and limitations of the medium and the processes I am trying to use.  I love learning about, and pushing my understanding of, materials in a variety of contexts.  The art store, a green space, the lumber yard or the back alley on garbage day may be sources of inspiration and materials.  All these factors help me see and think in different ways.


“Put another way, the tools you work with influence what you are likely to think about.  Measuring tools lead to quantification; the tools used in the arts lead to qualification.”

 Elliot W Eisner


These days I have a strong interest in using more found objects, natural elements and reclaimed materials in my work.

Click on individual images or view slideshow for information about my material choices.

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