Scenic Acres

I worked with this small Kindergarten - Grade Four community school on three related activities during one school year. The focus of the year was to explore how there can be unique and universal experiences to everyone's story.

During session one, acrylic paint and marker were used on a papier mache mask to represent unique and universal aspects of a person's personality.

During session two, cardboard, acrylic paint and acrylic medium, and a variety of texturing tools were used to provide material exploration of the same materials in different ways.

During session three, acrylic paint and marker were used on paper to represent various aspects of the school year. Each class chose a different item to create and add to this canvas mural attached to a double bulletin board in the main hall. I had painted the view of the mountains from the back of the school on the background. As well as the class specific images, further additions to the composition included snow, grass and dirt sections that had been collaboratively created among the students, silhouette cutouts of staff and students and text generated by each class to correspond with their images.

As this mural was developed by myself and the students, the public position of the bulletin board allowed everyone the opportunity to watch the composition change and grow.

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Close up of bulletin board Grade 1/2 students - flowers Kindergarten students - rocks

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Close up of bulletin board Grade 1/2 - trees Grade 3/4 - animals of Alberta

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Close up of bulletin board Grade 3/4 - interlocking triangles from school logo with images representing life at school.

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Full size bulletin board - this is two boards together with a peaked shape on top. Canvas was stapled onto the bulletin board.

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