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Growing a Community

As I researched this community the idea of growth was prominent.  This community has seen a 78% increase in population between 2009 and 2014 and this growth is still moving forward as housing in the area continues to be built.  This community is made up of a higher than average number of young families with a lot of children aged nine and under (City of Calgary Community Profiles information.)

I incorporated three increasing patterns into my painted design and engaged the community by asking them to discover the patterns by way of clues to a riddle.  These clues were sent out via social media, email and the community newsletter.


As a newer area, there are a lot of young plants and trees in resident’s yards and in the parks and common spaces.  One of these trees is the Bur Oak which The City of Calgary recommends as one of the Top Tree Species for Calgary because it is

  • a slow growing tree that is hardy to our climate,

  • a tree that provides food and shelter for wildlife

  • can be enjoyed by generations to come (Wikipedia says these trees can grow up to 400 years old!)

Not only does an oak tree relate to growth and change over

time but it speaks to the idea of legacy and building a community for the future.   As I talked to people about how they see their community changing over time they spoke about the need to maintain, sustain and build the community that is in place now. 

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