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Marlborough and Area;

Painting the Borough

This dynamic neighbourhood has a wonderful texture created by the mix of houses and shops, pedestrians and streets, and people from near and far.  In this work I have used line, colour and shape to represent a few of the interactions between these many complex factors.  Some of these elements move together easily while others present a tension as we figure out how this can all work together.

One way that we can negotiate these interactions is by the sharing of food.  On this work you will find an added layer created by printing foods like those found in the homes, stores and restaurants in the area.  From top to bottom the food used is:  top border - chickpeas and wheat kernels, orange – wheat kernels, blue – mung beans, purple - rice, yellow - corn and wheel shaped pasta,  light green – lentils,  dark green - banana leaves, orange - noodles and the grey areas are sunflower seeds and chickpeas.

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