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Sidewalk 1 - The Encroachment

In this project I played with the idea of integrating art into my community environment by creating a series of drawings on the sidewalk in front of my house.  These drawings were created over the two month summer period and each drawing encroached more and more across the pedestrian space.  I documented the behaviours and comments of people going by.  Some people would not park beside the section of sidewalk I was working on, some would walk across the road, some would not acknowledge me as they walked by me working and some would walk over the finished drawing without appearing to notice it.  Conversely, people stopped their cars, bicycles, strollers and walking to ask me about the materials, how I was creating the drawing and the role of weather and rain on the project.  As the summer progressed people commented on previous work.  I had many comments expressing appreciation for this activity in the neighbourhood.  

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