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Sidewalk 2 - Layers of Growth

In this project I continued with the idea I used in my earlier sidewalk work of creating a sidewalk drawing over a period of time and having this drawing take up more and more of the sidewalk space.  Rather than make a series of different drawings that would be erased so a new one could be made, I built this cumulatively so that the traces of the previous drawing were seen and used as part of the continued work.  Over a couple of weeks I “grew” a garden that changed from vines with leaf and flower buds into a lush picture full of large leaves and flowers.  Caterpillars moved through the chrysalis stage to become butterflies and spider egg sacs released baby spiders that grew into adult spiders.  Similar interactions occurred between me, the artwork and community members as had in the first sidewalk project.

Click the thumbnail below for full-size image. 
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