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Sidewalk 3 - A Cast of Characters

Every day people and/or animals cross the sidewalk in front of my house as they are on the way to the train, walking around the block or looking for a snack at the bird feeder next door.  Do they consider the other participants in this sidewalk dance?  Over several weeks I created drawings that suggested some of the characters that might cross this sidewalk as if they are crossing a stage.  If you followed the woman’s footprints you would find the feet came together as they do when you stop.  Was she was checking her phone?  A child moved under the tree with an umbrella and waited until the rain passed.  Did they have to stay here long?  The squirrel crossed back and forth over the sidewalk.  Was it checking the pinecones and coming back for more along the grass?  The people and/or animals in the neighbourhood became a performer in the cast for a few brief moments (no 15 minutes of fame here) as they moved across the set of the sidewalk.  As I was working on these drawings I would bring people’s attention to the fact that they were part of the performance and many were delighted by this inclusion in the production.  The final drawings brought back all the cast for a finale performance and asked people to respond to a question asking where they were going as they joined the show! 


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